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3 Things You Can Enjoy in If You’re Going to Cozumel on Holiday

Cozumel is one of the most beautiful destinations in Mexico. It has a vibrant culture, full of vibrant colors and delicious food. Cozumel also offers many things to enjoy during your stay. Make sure to experience: scuba diving, snorkeling, and interacting with dolphins. Each activity brings something different to the table; if you want to make your trip truly memorable, then not miss any of these incredible experiences. Here are some highlights to look forward to as you explore this island paradise:


1. Snorkeling

Many people enjoy snorkeling when they visit Cozumel. Not only is it fun, but there are many things to see in the beautiful waters surrounding this Mexican paradise. Snorkelers can swim alongside sea turtles and various tropical fish. The corals and reefs make for a stunning underwater landscape; you’ll feel like you’re exploring an actual underwater city. It is a great activity to do with your family. Kids will especially love snorkeling as it’s very easy, and they’ll be able to see the beautiful marine life up close. It’s also super-safe, so you don’t have to worry about anyone getting lost or hurt.


What to Wear for Snorkeling? 

It’s also a good idea to bring: 

  • A snorkel mask
  • Fins 
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel 
  • Swimsuit & water shoes

Water shoes will protect your feet from the sharp shells and rocks on the ocean floor. You can wear them under or over your regular flip-flops, but make sure they are closed-toe. You may also want a rash guard or other sun protection if it’s not windy out.

Types of Snorkels 

There are two types of snorkel masks:

  • Regular/Former

The former is what you usually see people wearing when they go swimming or diving. This mouthpiece has a built-in regulator that will allow swimmers to breathe underwater. 

  • Full-Face 

A full-face mask, on the other hand, covers both your mouth and nose. This type of snorkel is beneficial for people who have trouble breathing through their mouths underwater or have respiratory issues.

How to Use a Snorkeling Device 

It’s not easy at first, but you’ll get used to it in no time. Always start by leaning over a swimming pool while holding on to the side, and then breathe through your snorkel until you get comfortable with it.

What are the Best Snorkel Features? 

The best features for a snorkel device are those that maximize comfort and durability. It includes dry top valves to ensure water doesn’t enter your breathing tube while you’re underwater. Purge valves so you can easily clear out any residue or excess water inside your mouthpiece with a full-face design that will protect your eyes from saltwater.

2. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is one of the top things to enjoy in Cozumel. It’s easy and fun. There are many options for beginners, with dive shops that offer training courses and equipment rentals onsite.

There are many different types of scuba diving, and each type has its own set of challenges and rewards. Some people dive for fun, while others do it as a job. To get the most out of your time underwater, learn more at this website to know what type of scuba diver you are before you get in the water. Once you know this information, find a dive school that can teach you to become better at your favorite style. Examples of scuba diving include:

Open water diving

It is a basic type of scuba diving, and it’s also called entry-level. When you first begin, this should be your only goal. You don’t need to take any special courses or tests to do this kind of diving, but make sure that you are at least 16 years old before starting.

Wreck diving

This type of scuba diving is for those who love history. Most people wreck dive because they want to explore a ship or other vessel that has been sunk on purpose. If you are interested in this type of scuba diving, ensure that you have good buoyancy control because it’s essential to explore the wreck site without damaging anything. There will probably not always be much light when doing this kind of diving. Your eyesight might need to get used to the lack of light.

Deep diving

It is the most advanced type of scuba diving. To do this, you will need a lot more training and experience than any other type because it needs to be done safely. It would be best if you only went as far as 100 feet below when deep diving unless your divemaster permits you to go deeper. Deep divers can also try to explore caves which are known as caverns.

3. Enjoy the Dolphin Experiences

dophin driving

While you’re in Cozumel, why not go to the Dolphinaris where you can interact with dolphins during special programs? You might even get a chance to see these intelligent mammals show off their amazing acrobatic skills.

Benefits of Swimming With Dolphins 

Swimming with dolphins is very beneficial for your health. These marine mammals are known to emit positive energy, which allows them to heal people with depression, stress, or anxiety. They can also help alleviate symptoms of cancer and other types of illnesses by strengthening the immune system.


Sessions usually start in shallow waters, so you don’t need any experience. The trainer will guide you, and you will not be allowed to touch them during your session. Some sessions allow you to perform some tasks, while others focus on interacting and having fun in the water. Make sure to ask for details when booking your dolphin swim session so that it will meet all of your expectations.

What You Can Expect

Your interaction will start with basic diving instructions for safety reasons. After that, the dolphins get closer to you for some fun in the water. They might even kiss you or nuzzle your cheek.

Cozumel is a beautiful island. There are many fun things to do to enjoy your holiday and make the most out of it. You have to make sure you research what Cozumel offers in terms of resorts and activities before you arrive.

Last Updated on November 1, 2021

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