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10 Drinks to Enjoy While Sitting by the Campfire This Summer

Summer means hitching up the RV and going camping with friends and family. Possibly the best part of camping is enjoying a warm campfire, as campfires provide the perfect place to wake up in the morning and to unwind at the end of a long day. However, when you do go camping this summer, it is important not to forget to pack fun drinks to enjoy while you are around the campfire. If you need ideas for fun drinks you and your family can enjoy around the campfire, here are 10 campfire drinks to try this summer.


Traditional Drinks

1. Coffee

Coffee is an essential drink for many campers. This caffeinated drink is often a must-have in the morning to help you get ready for the day ahead, or a nice warm cup of decaf can help you relax and unwind before bed. To make things easier when camping, consider bringing single-serve instant coffee packets. However, if you are willing to take the time to make real coffee many campers swear by percolators and the amazing coffee they can produce.

make coffee while camping
Coffee is an essential drink for many campers.

2. Hot Cocoa

Another classic campfire drink for campers of any age is hot chocolate. This sweet treat is quick and easy to make, and only requires hot water and a packet of cocoa mix to make. Consider adding a drizzle of caramel and topping it off with some whipped cream or marshmallows to make this a delicious treat that the whole family will love.

hot chocolate campfire
Another classic campfire drink for campers of any age is hot chocolate

3. Hot Cider

While hot chocolate and campfires are a classic combination, some campers find hot cocoa to be too sweet, and will want another drink to help warm them up. A great alternative his hot apple cider. Simply warm juice or cider with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves and let steep. Instant hot apple cider packets are also a good option for camping.

hot cider

4. Lemonade

Perhaps nothings goes together than nature and lemonade. For warm nights when want something cool to sip on by the campfire, lemonade can be a refreshing option. To make things easy when camping, consider bringing individual lemonade packets that can be mixed into a bottle of water. These can easily be found at your local grocery store.


5. Root Beer Floats

While this one one may be more of a dessert than a drink, root beer floats are a great summertime treat the whole family can enjoy around the campfire. Consider putting a twist on this classic summertime favorite by switching out root beer with orange or grape soda!

root beer floats

Adult Drinks (Alcoholic)

1. Mimosas

For your morning campfire, a great way for adult campers to start the day is with a fun and refreshing mimosa. While mimosas are traditionally made with orange juice and champagne, consider mixing things up by trying different juices with your champagne, such as cranberry or mango juice. No matter what type of mimosa you decide to make, this drink will make a great addition to any camping breakfast, and is a great way to start the day!


2. Bloody Mary

Another classic breakfast drink campers love! For the more adventurous campers who prefer to start the day with hard alcohol, consider making things easy on yourself by simply bring Bloody Mary mix, vodka, and hot sauce camping with you so you don’t have to bring all the ingredients for a homemade Bloody. While this simple mix will be delicious, don’t forget extra garnishes like celery and bacon for people that want to add a little extra to their drinks.

bloody mary

3. Premixed Cocktails

A great option when camping are camping premixed cocktails that you can buy at your local liquor store. Rather than having to bring the ingredients for a variety of cocktails with you camping, you can purchase fun remade drinks to enjoy around the fire, as well as throughout the day, such as remade margaritas, long island iced teas, and much more. Just pour into a glass and enjoy!

premixed cocktails

4. Tennessee Lemonade

Lemonade is a must have outdoors drink and Tennessee Lemonade is a must-have camping drink for adults, as it is the perfect combination of fun and refreshing. While there are many variations on Tennessee lemonade out there, an easy camp version is simply to mix lemonade with your favorite bourbon. However, if you are looking to get a little fancier, try this recipe.

tennessee lemonade

5. Hot Toddy

When you are relaxing by the campfire at night, and ready to wind down before bed, there is no better drink to make yourself than a hot toddy. Simply add bourbon (or another liquor of your choice), honey, and lemon to hot water, and you will have a perfect drink to settle in with next to the campfire!

hot toddy

Last Updated on July 4, 2019

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