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How To Fix Dometic RV Refrigerator Check Light

You are about to leave for vacation on your trusty RV and suddenly notice that the check light of the vehicle dometic fridge is on. The dometic RV refrigerator check light is designed to goes on if there is something wrong with the gas system. To ensure that the fridge could achieve peak performance, you have to find out the reason behind the check light activation before hitting the road. Fortunately, in most of the case, you should be able to track down the source of problem without much difficulty.

Want to get the check light of your dometic fridge to go off but don’t know what to do? If that happens to be the case, this troubleshooting guide here would serve you well. It could show you everything you must keep mind while fixing dometic refrigerator check light.      


The Working Principle Of The Dometic RV Refrigerator Check Light

As mentioned above, the check light of Dometic fridge would activate if it a problem occur within the gas system. That being said, the check light should not go on in the case you set the refrigerator in AUTO mode and there are available electricity. In AUTO mode, the fridge would alter between gas and electricity depending on which one is available at the moment. For most of the time, refrigerators would default to electricity in the case the vehicle is hooked to shore power.

Therefore, if you set your Dometic refrigerator in AUTO mode and the check light is on, it means that both gas and electricity are unavailable. On the other hand, if you set the fridge on GAS mode, the check light could be turn off when you switch the mode to AUTO and electricity are available. Remember this principle to better interpret the meaning of the Dometic RV refrigerator check light.  

Potential Factors That Activate The Dometic RV Refrigerator Check Light

Gather Necessary Tools And Gears:

It’s highly likely that you have most of the tools and gears lying around your vehicle, you could get the rest from nearby stores. Generally speaking, you need a multimeter, a flat-headed screwdriver and a flashlight on hand. Since you are going to inspect and exam an electric appliance, make sure that you wear a pair of rugged rubber gloves at all time. From the wirings to rusted metal components, there are many things in an RV fridge that could cause nasty injuries.

Dometic RV refrigerator check light issue

1. Exhausted Propane Tank

If you set the fridge in GAS mode and the check light is on, it’s a good idea to check the RV gas reserve. In many cases, the tank that sustains your Dometic refrigerator simply run out of gas. Hence, you could take care of your check light by refilling the exhausted propane tank.

2. Blocked Ignition Wire     

As time goes by, carbon and similar elements will accumulate right on the fridge ignition wire and eventually engulf it. Needless to say, without the ignition wire, the fridge is unable to run on gas and that means the check light would be inevitably activated. To access the ignition wire of dometic refrigerators, you have to use the screwdriver to remove a couple of panels. After you spot the wire, take a look at its tip and scrape off every foreign material in your sight. With a bit of luck, doing that should get the gas system of the fridge back to work and the check light would turn off.

3. Faulty Fuses

Head to the AC breaker and remove the fuse that protects the DC control board. Next, use your multimeter to determine whether the fuse is of good quality or not. While you are at it, you should take a good look at the fuse of the heating element as well. Faulty fuses would cut off the flow of electricity and cause the check light of dometic fridges to goes on. This method only allow your fridge to resume operation in AUTO mode using electricity, the gas system requires further attention.    

4. Depleted RV Battery

It’s obvious that fridges and other appliance on recreational vehicles would not work appropriately when the battery is depleted. Test the battery of your RV with the multimeter and see how things turn out. In any case, recharge your vehicle battery regularly in order to preserve its quality/longevity.  

5. Malfunction/Defective Control Board

Once you managed to rule out all the factors above, there is a high chance that your check light problem lies with the power board. In most of the case, replacing the control board is not exactly a DIY task. You should consider visiting a reputable service station and then let the professionals take over. The last thing you want to do is to cause additional damages while attempting to replace the fridge control board.        

Last Updated on October 1, 2018

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