Holiday Rambler Motorhome Problems

Common Holiday Rambler Motorhome Problems RVers Should Know!

Founded in 1953, Holiday Rambler (HR) is a popular manufacturer in the RV industry which has provided the market with a lot of excellent recreational vehicles. In case you don’t know, HR was the first to introduce many advances features like built-in fridges, integrated holding tanks, aerodynamic corners and other to the RV world. That being said, while most of the brand recreational vehicles are of good quality, reports about Holiday Rambler motorhome problems are definitely far from uncommon. From improperly assembled components to unreliable vehicle appliances, there are multiple issues that owners of HR recreational vehicles may experience.  

Top 5 Issues of HR RVs You Must Keep In Mind

Really want to buy a motorhome from Holiday Rambler in the near future but unable to make up your mind?

In the case you wish to acquire information about HR RVs, these Holiday Rambler motorhome reviews should come in handy. They would tell you virtually everything you need to know about Holiday Rambler motorhome problems.

1. Weak Caulking And Fragile Windshields

There are multiple complaints about HR windshield, most users criticize the durability along with the longevity of the windshield caulking. It seems that the caulking is often incapable of keeping the windshield secured to the vehicle body on the field. In fact, a couple of Holiday Rambler RV reviews claim that the windshield would detach and flyaway during heavy rainstorms. Customers also question the structural integrity of the windshield itself as they run into broken corners from time to time. As a result, it’s safe to say that the windshield of Holiday Rambler RVs could really use some improvements.

2. Some Essential Appliances Are Inoperable   

People purchase motorhomes in order to enjoy the convenience of modern devices and that is why it’s frustrating to get stuck with inoperable appliances. Quite a bit of Holiday Rambler motorhome problems are appliances-related like broken cigarette outlets, malfunction stereo, unreliable A/C,….It goes without saying that owners of HR recreational vehicles find these issues to be extremely annoying, especially when outside weathers/temperatures reach extreme levels. All things considered, Holiday Rambler must improve and enhance its quality control so only flawless products could reach customer’s hands.

3. Less Than Helpful Customer Service

Once you encounter a problem while using your RV, it’s always a good idea to contact the manufacturer and figure out an appropriate solution. Nonetheless, if the customer service is just barely responsive, you would undoubtedly feel disappointed at the brand post-purchase supports. In the case of Holiday Rambler, RVers might have to wait up to several weeks before someone answers their inquiries. Needless to say, a large number of users considered lousy service one of the most notorious Holiday Rambler motorhome problems. Fortunately, Holiday Ramble appeared to invest considerable time and effort into improving its customer service.      

4. Leakages In The Components/Facilities  

Generally speaking, no one wants to travel in a vehicle that experiences severe leak issues. Owners of Holiday Rambler recreational vehicles often complain that their roof and toilet tend to leak which prove quite troublesome. Leaks could also occur in a couple of components that are vital to vehicle deployment such as the leveling system. In rare cases, holes may form on the macerator hosing of HR motorhome as time goes by and that means wastes would inevitably leak out. While it’s possible to take care of the majority of the leaks, the repair expense and the disruption to your comfort are fairly substantial.

5. Unreliable Mechanism And Missing Parts

The mechanisms of HR motorhome are thought to be less than ideal and may break down all of the sudden. For example, the bed slide outs on many models could only be extended if the owner is pushing them manually. In addition to that, some cautious owners discover that the starter motor of their RVs is installed incorrectly which would lead to very expensive damages. The HR entry doors are prone to jamming which mean it’s tedious to get enter and leave your motorhome. Besides that, users of Holiday Rambler RVs are not pleased to see the vehicles they ordered come with missing parts.

How To Avoid Holiday Rambler Motorhome Problems    

Nowadays, not a single RV manufacturer is able to guarantee that its recreational vehicle would always perform up to specs. Furthermore, the RV industry is quite competitive so a brand could only stick around if it manages to attract customers and keep them relatively satisfied. So as long as you stay focus, getting a high-quality Holiday Rambler motorhome is surely not out of reach. At all times, remember that you have to assess every nook and cranny of the vehicle you about to get. Pay attention to the attitude of your dealer and look for another one if you feel you are being scammed.

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