Coach Net vs Good Sam

Coach Net vs Good Sam: RV Roadside Assistance Plans Comparison

So you have bought an RV and can’t just wait any longer to hit the road? Wait! What will you do if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere with a punctured tire or a failed engine? Not every RV-er is a skilled mechanic. Although, you can travel wisely to avoid the chance of facing any unfortunate event. However, the best thing is to be prepared, and you should be looking into RV roadside assistance programs to take that preparation. Read the discussion about Coach Net vs Good Sam to find out the right plan for you.


Coach Net Roadside Assistance

It is an RV assistance service that offers emergency roadside assistance, technical help, and towing facilities. There are several membership plans that offer various levels of resources and towing range. The highest-end membership is likely to be the right choice if you stay on the road for most of the time in a year.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance

It provides roadside assistance services for RVs and other automobiles. You will get an all-inclusive coverage for emergency services, concierge facilities, tire assistance, locksmith/lockout facilities, towing, and more. Taking any of its plans means ensuring protection for you, your family, and your vehicle on the road.

coach net roadside assistance
A good service will be a great help during emergencies.

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Coach Net vs Good Sam: Which One Is Better?

Read the detailed description of the services of Coach Net vs Good Sam to figure out which one is going to suit you the best.

Coach Net Services

Coach Net has been providing services to the RV-ers since 1987. Subscribing to its service means having peace of mind knowing that help is just a phone call away even if you are in a remote place!

The services it provides are:

24/7 Roadside Assistance

You will get round the clock technical and roadside assistance services. The best thing is whenever you call for assistance, the person who picks up will be someone who has technical knowledge about the RVs.

Hazard Protect

Get this service for 1 to 7 years for low or no deductibles. It offers tire repair and replacement of flat tires. It will even tow the vehicle to a tire repair facility if you have no spare available. The plus side is this facility is available for both new and used RVs.

roadside assistance service
Taking a service means you won’t get stuck up in a deserted place.

RV Protect

This service extends the protection after the warranty period. Some of the facilities available under this plan are towing, fuel delivery, lockout, flat tire, and more.

Finish Protect

It offers paint and fabric protection to keep your vehicle safe from everything – from acid rain to dirt and debris. Interior protection including punctures, tears, and burns are also available.

One unique advantage of Coach Net service is that it provides assistance not only on the road but in a campground too. If you are into a collision, it will compensate maximum $2,000 for food, lodging, and rental of an automobile. Also, you will get unlimited towing, no matter if the nearest garage is 200 kilometers away.

Good Sam Services

The company offers total three plans and two of them extend to RVs. Let’s see what they offer:

Auto + TV Standard

As the name suggests, the service is applicable to both recreational and non-recreational vehicles. It will extend to your family members too at no additional charge.

You will get 24/7 unlimited towing no matter whether the nearest service center is 3 or 300 kilometers away. For minor issues, an RV mechanic will be at your disposal. There are also offers for emergencies like a flat tire, dead battery, low or no fuel, and many more.

good sam roadside assistance
Taking a service will keep you safe on the road.

This plan offers discounts on plenty of additional services and repairs. You just have to show your membership card to get concessions on brakes, axles, transmission, drive shafts, clutches, oil changes, and more.

The plan is available at $79.95/yr.

Auto + RV Platinum

It’s almost similar to the standard plan except for some extra facilities. It provides you coverage for multiple RVs and even for rented, leased, and borrowed vehicles. Besides, you will get discounts on not only various services and repairs but also rental cars and international hotels. Besides, there will be RV concierge service for the platinum members.

The package is available at $114.95/yr.

The Final Words

The point of subscribing to an RV roadside assistance program is to know that you will be safe no matter whatever happens on the road. No matter even if a tire blows out or the axle breaks down in a deserted highway, these services will save you from being stranded there.

The above discussion about Coach Net vs Good Sam will help you to determine which one will work out for you. Remember that no service is perfect and you will experience some frustrations down the road no matter which you choose. You just have to find out if the problems are worth putting up with for the facilities you get.

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