problems RV owners face

What are the Biggest Problems RV Owners Face?

More and more families are choosing RV travel instead of the traditional vacation trips. An RV gives you the freedom to travel without renting a car and spending for hotel rooms. However, every rose has its thorn. There are several problems RV owners face on the road. You must know how to overcome them to make the journey more enjoyable.

8 Problems RV Owners Face on the Road

RV owners have to share the public places such as parks, campgrounds, and forests with others who don’t share the same views. Besides, there are lots of maintenance issues that you have to solve yourself. Check out these problems RV owners face most of the times and the ways to solve them. No one solution will suit everyone but you can definitely work your own way out.


There are many communities that don’t like RVs parked for days on their streets. Ask yourself – would you like to see the same RV parked on the street nearby your living place for more than two days? Moreover, cops will give you tickets if you occupy a parking place for too long. Ironically, even in some circumstances, parking and living in an RV on your own land is not allowed.

RV parking problems

You should park only in the places where you are allowed too and try to vacate a parking lot in less than two days.

Caravan Park Expenses

The problem mentioned above can be avoided by hiring a site in a caravan park. However, the fees for both powered and unpowered sites have increased these days. If you don’t have kids, choose the basics-only sites that offer only the basics – a patch of land, a 240v power point, and a clean amenities block. If you don’t find such a site, try to find little-used showgrounds that the council of many towns rents for a small fee. Try to avoid the popular tourist spots and peak seasons to keep the expenses under control.

Mood of the Travelers

Whether you are traveling alone or with your family, it sometimes becomes difficult to keep up a good mood. If you are alone, take frequent breaks to kill the monotony of a long road journey. Treat yourself to good food, good music, and outdoor activities during the gloomy days.

Problems RV owners face

If it’s a family trip, members may sometimes get tired of one another and need a break. You should choose a big campground in that case because it will have enough space for the kids to play and activities for the adults to stay engaged instead of rubbing shoulders with each other.

The Maintenance

It’s one of the biggest problems RV owners face before and during their trips. You take it out of the garage only to find that one of the tires is punctured and a slide-out is not working anymore. What will you do if the AC or the heating system stops functioning in the middle of your journey? You may have to deal with these and plenty of other maintenance issues.

Also, when you are on the road, it’s always not possible to find shops that have your required parts. You have to order them from somewhere else in that case and wait for a couple of days for the delivery. The problem is while private campgrounds will accept the shipments on your behalf, the state- and federal-owned ones will not.


When something in your RV is broken or not functioning, you have to repair it. But, finding a good repair solution is tricky. You have to either do it yourself or pay an RV technician. The good news is most of the repairs are relatively easier. A little bit of gluing here, hammering two nails there, and you will be again ready to hit the road. However, when the problem is bigger, your choices will be limited. You have to find an RV repair service, which is not available everywhere. You’d better avoid some worst RV brands if you do not want to deal with regular breakdowns with your RV.

problems RV owners face
When something in your RV is broken or not functioning, you have to repair it

Cold Weather

It is one of the most severe problems RV owners face. Remember that moisture and cold could severely damage the body and engine parts of the vehicle. You have to seal all the cracks before the winter hits so that moisture does not get inside the vehicle. You also have to pump all the water out of the toilet valve before the cold months or it will explode under freezing temperature. In addition, it’s necessary to keep the interior warm by turning on the electric fireplace during the cold months.


Repairing the RV with a random RV repair service could be an issue of warranties. There are some parts that have to be fixed with manufacturer-approved dealers to claim the warranty facility. It could be a problem when you are far away from such a shop.

Biggest Problems RV owners face

Medical Emergencies

Accidents could happen anytime, and medical emergencies could be hard to find if you camp in a remote place. You should always keep a first aid kit and some necessary medicines. In case if there is a severe medical condition, use Google Map to find nearby pharmacies or urgent care centers.

Last Updated on September 12, 2019

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