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Where to Go for the Best Winter Camping

If you are considering a winter camping trip, you may be wondering where in this beautiful country you should go. After all, you have a wide variety of choices. From warm and sunny to cold and snowy, winter allows campers to find nearly any kind of climate they desire.

Below is a list of the very best places to do some winter camping, based on your weather preference. Hopefully this list helps you find the perfect location for enjoying the great outdoors.

— Sunny Weather —

Often referred to as “snowbirds,” a great many people head out of winter weather and into the sun during the colder months. Believe it or not, there are some places in the U.S. that rarely see temperatures drop below 40° F, let alone freezing. This allows sunshine lover of our world to escape the snow and ice.

Wether you are looking for a few months of warm weather or simply a short escape from the cold, these are your best bets for warm, sunny weather during the winter season:


Beach Carrabelle Chairs

Florida is the most popular destination for those looking to escape winter. This state offers an enormous variety of fun activities to choose from, and winter daytime temperature often reach 75° F or more!

No matter if you’re in search of theme park fun, an escape into nature, or a day at the beach, Florida can give it to you with some sunny, warm temperatures to got right along with it.


HillCountry Texas

Though not quite as warm as Florida, southern Texas is another great option for getting out of the icy cold temperatures. With the rare low temperature hitting freezing, this state offers just a taste of winter while still offering warm daytime temperatures for outdoor activity. It also has the benefit of being less crowded than Florida, making winter camping in Texas a very peaceful experience.


Arizona Winter

A third option for those campers looking for warmer weather is the state of Arizona. This desert state is the perfect place for those looking for warmth without the humidity. That said, nighttime temperatures in Arizona are often much lower than they are in the daytime, so that’s something to prepare for.

Arizona also offers some incredible options when it comes to nature activities, including the amazing Grand Canyon.

— Wintery Conditions —

Quite the opposite from the snowbirds mentioned above, some people just can’t get through the winter without seeing some beautiful snowfall and taking full advantage of it with sleds, skis, and ice skates. To these folks, winter just isn’t winter without the freezing cold temperatures, mugs of hot cocoa, and some winter sports to top it all off.

If you are one of these campers who enjoys a good winter wonderland, these are the very best places in the United States to find some snow, ice, and good times.


Pike Lake Kettle Moraine

The further north you head on the eastern side of the country, the colder things become. This makes Pennsylvania a perfect destination for cold seekers. The average snowfall in this chilly state is quite high – with some cities reaching as much as 100.8″—making it a great place to go if you’re looking to take part in some sledding.

Additionally, the Amish communities in PA make some of the most amazing baked goods you’ll ever taste, including some that will warm you up!

New York

Owls Head mountain

New York is another state with an incredible amount of snowfall each year. Visit New York if you want to see some gorgeous scenery, visit the Big Apple, or ride some amazing ski slopes. New York State is an excellent bet if you’re in search of some snow and ice, as it is home to the city with the highest average annual snowfall in the country.



Known for its extraordinary ski resorts, Colorado is the place to go if you enjoy extreme winter sports.

From snowboarding to skiing to snowhoeing, there is something for everyone in the mountains of Colorado. Additionally, as long as you are headed to the mountainous areas, you will almost certainly find snow. This makes Colorado a perfect destination for those who wish to spend their days camping in fresh powder. 

No matter what type of climate you like to camp in, sub-zero or tropical, the United States offers all that could be desired.

winter camping
Best winter camping locations.

Last Updated on February 11, 2020

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