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10 Cool Ways to Upgrade Your RV – Every Rver Should Know


Over time, RV upgrades have become a hobby of the campers. They look for new, unique ideas to revamp the exterior and interior of the vehicle and improve their lifestyle along the way. The truth is, there’s always room for improvement no matter even if you have a brand-new, top-of-the-line rig. Just keep in mind that motorhome upgrades don’t mean that they have to be something over-the-top. Simple redecorations and enhancements can also make big impacts.

Top 10 Best Ideas for RV Upgrades

Here are some of the most popular and best RV upgrade ideas. These modifications are surprisingly easy to implement but they dramatically improve the quality of your camping life. Consider these RV upgrades if you want to enjoy a more comfortable, functional, and convenient life in your camper.

1. Invest in a Quality Shower Head

The standard shower heads come with the RVs are nothing special. They just don’t release the water at the right pressure that can give you comfort and relaxation at the end of a long day on the road. The built-in faucets also tend to be crappy. Replace them with shiny new fixtures and try to choose a low-flow shower head and pull-out sink faucets. A quality shower head will feel good at both high and low water pressures.

RV upgrades
A good shower head can make a shower even more relaxing after a long road trip.

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2. Install Solar Panels

If you are someone who finds excitement in traveling off-grid or loves boondocking, solar panels and batteries are something to spend your money on. The cost of solar systems is dropping every year. Besides, you don’t have to pay the electricity bills when you have your own solar set-up. It will also save you from the smoke and noise of the generators in remote places.

RV upgrade ideas
RV solar panels do a great help cutting down on electric costs on the road

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3. Extra Battery Capacity

It’s one of the RV upgrades that you will need when you don’t stay much in the traditional campgrounds with electric hook-ups, the batteries come with the RV won’t be enough. Installing more batteries means you can store more power generated by the solar panels. As a result, you don’t have to turn on the generator except for emergencies.

Also, choose to upgrade the battery system to a lithium-ion unit. It is expensive but it functions better, has a longer lifespan, and requires less maintenance.

Extra Battery Capacity

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4. Update the Storage Options

Well, it involves a dozen different upgrades since an RV has limited space. Keeping everything in place and organized will help you to keep your sanity and make your house on wheels feel like a home. These simple hacks will help you increase the storage capacity:

  • Install a towel rack behind the bathroom door, so you won’t need an extra furniture piece. Such racks are available at retail stores like Ikea, Camping World, and others.
  • It’s hard to keep cups and glasses stationary when the RV is moving. You may also have to deal with frequent spillage accidents. Purchase a couple of cup holders and install them in the kitchen and newt to your bed to enjoy a spill-free life.
  • How do you feel searching the entire camper for your shoes? Even if you keep them in a specific place, it will soon become a pile of shoes. Either create a simple show rack with some pieces of wooden planks or craft a fabric show storage that features several pockets.
  • Several compartments of huge cabinets or cupboards are often left unused. You can utilize them by installing wire shelves inside them and storing clothes, kitchen accessories, and plastic dishes there.

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5. Digital TV Signal Booster

Modern-day RV upgrades depend much on electronics, which is not a bad thing if you invest in the correct product. A TV signal booster makes sense if you have a vested interest in a great entrainment system.

A signal booster will work like magic in streaming more TV stations. Many RVs have options for installing antennas, helping you to catch up mobile television service. A signal booster will also won’t let you miss your favorite show even if you are in a remote area.

RV upgrades
If you’re addicted to television shows or sport events, a satellite dish or signal booster is a must-have item for your RV!

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6. Hard-Wired Surge Protector

You think that there is no need of installing surge protections since your camper has standard electric outlets. However, it’s one of the necessary RV upgrades since those outlets won’t protect your electronics in the event of a power surge. Hard-wire surge protector into your RV so that all the appliances are safe even when there is surge or ebb of power in the electric line. It is a slightly costly update but it is certainly cheaper than replacing all the appliances.

RV upgrades
Hardwiring surge protectors will protect all your electronic devices.

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7. Roof Vent Fan

You won’t be able to imagine the multiple benefits a vent fan can offer. It will release the hot air outside and keep the interior during the summertime and remove excess moisture from a humid surrounding. In addition, the fans are excellent for removing the musty smell and cooking odor. There are plenty of styles available and you can choose one with built-in automatic rain sensor or a remote control.

motorhome upgrades
Install a roof vent fan.

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8. Mount a New TV

If you have the habit of hitting the road for long trips, you should spend some money for a standard entertainment system. A quality speaker, headphone, and a mind-blowing selection of songs are the must-have. However, you should purchase a TV too, especially when you can’t think of missing a match of your favorite football team or the latest episode of Westworld.

best rv upgrades
Invest in a good entertainment system.

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9. Inverter

The inverter is another necessary electronics for those who like to do dry camping a lot. It converts the power (12 volts) from the batteries into 120 volts, making it ready to power up the everyday appliances and electronics such as hair dryer, toaster, coffee maker, and more.

RV inverter
An inverter will convert the power output.

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10. Digital Thermostat

Most RV models come with a manual slider control thermostat, which is good but won’t come close to the precision of a digital thermostat. Replace the built-in one with a digital version if you want to have an accurate temperature control.

Digital Thermostat
Digital Thermostat

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The Final Words

Most people don’t think of any update after purchasing a brand-new RV. The truth is some little enhancements can make your life on the road much better, more convenient, and enjoyable.

Find out some more useful RV upgrades you can make for your RV!

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10 Cool Ways to Upgrade Your RV – Every Rver Should Know
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