best RV parks in Northern California

Top 10 Best RV Parks in Northern California

California is the most populous state in America and its economy is larger than that of any other states in the country. And the majority of tourists tend to opt for Northern California more than you might think. Sacramento, Yosemite all prove to have painstakingly beautiful sights to behold. A big question mark now goes into where ever we can possibly leave our RV before packing up the bags for the trip. I assure you these information below are some of the best RV parks in Northern California for convenience in both particular and overall experiences. Let’s take a look!


Best RV Parks in Northern California: 10 Highly Rated Places

As we all know, California is one of the most popular states for RV in moving and renting in the Western United States. With a full range of scenic attractions: from the beach, the desert to the mountains, forest … and also the center of Hollywood entertainment. So there is no doubt that many people choose Northern California as the destination for their trip. And for that reason, in this article we will give you top 10 best RV parks in Northern California with the specific rating so that you can enjoy a great trip.

1. Pioneer RV Park, Quincy

Once mentioned which is the best RV parks in Northern California, this place can not be forgotten. Nearly everyone whom researchers have encountered says that customers are quite pleased with the accommodation this park offers. Located at an altitude of 3500 feet above sea level, this site is perfect for those seeking relaxation, care-free environment. There are no noises to disturb your chains of thoughts. Moreover, the surrounding habitat is clean and neat with a lot of trees, breathtaking just to take a view. Many tourists come here to enjoy the beauty, also to lie down under the shades chilling out while having your RV fully hooked up.

Best RV parks in Northern California
Pioneer RV Park, Quincy is one of the best RV parks in Northern California

2. Hiouchi RV resort

This resort is located on the north of the Redwood forests, one of the best RV parks Northern California. The highway is somewhat nearby so to some people it maybe too loud. However, if you don’t mind this at all then this maybe the right destination for you. The scenery is somewhat beautiful, besides, there are always things to do when you are around. Most customers hookup there RVs here to enjoy being in the Smith River National Recreation Area, where you can fish or swim and take part in other beach-related activities. This is one of the better parks when it comes to providing activities for you and your family.

Best RV parks in Northern California
Hiouchi RV resort park

3. San Francisco RV resort, Pacifica

This resort right here is all about the view. The whole site overlooks the ocean but unfortunately, customers are restricted from getting access to the beach. Other than the view, customers aren’t very fond of it. Indeed, the price maybe irritating if you are on a tight budget and to say honestly, the average parking space is nowhere near as roomy as others on the list, also the staff can be unfriendly. Still, the resort is one of the most convenient RV parks Northern California if you plan to head to the Bay Area, and another small perk is that the laundry is open 24/7.

Best RV parks in Northern California
San Francisco RV resort, Pacifica RV park

4. Uvas Pines RV park, Morgan Hill

Many people are here because of the very reasonable price of up to $45 per night, and the price has a discount. The mature planting across the area is undoubtedly beautiful and the service is quite available all the time. People don’t regularly complain about the noise they experience, but about the unfriendliness against pets. The service doesn’t come with a pet accommodation and no tents are for rent. Many wouldn’t recommend producing too much trash since the bin is rarely emptied. If you are fond of relaxation and sight-seeing, then I would really recommend this any day.

Best RV parks in Northern California
Uvas Pines RV park, Morgan Hill

5. Jackson Rancheria

This RV park is among the highest ranked RV parks Northern California. Here you will find cable TV and free Wi-fi as well as seasonal activities for your family, unlike the Uvas Pines RV park, there is a whole grassy playground for your beloved pets. The number of full hookups is however severely limited to ten in total, so you will need to book for that. Still, it provides visitors with laundry and shower services, and you can always go for an RV wash. Convenient enough, people can visit the casino nearby, through which you can also get discounts on your stay at the park.

Best RV parks in Northern California
Jackson Rancheria RV park

6. Vineyard RV park, Vacaville

As of 2018, this RV park has put some of its facilities into reconstruction and most of the visitors are pleased with it. The park is just one step away from the highway, and the long list of service you can get includes a swimming pool, a dump station and 24/7 laundry services. Each of the parking sites are long and well-spaced, privacy guaranteed. However, campers have put it that the old bathroom brings down the good impressions, also where the new park area is, there are no trees or beauty. Overall the Vineyard RV park will give you a lot for the money you spend.

Best RV parks in Northern California
Vineyard RV park, Vacaville

7. SacWest RV park and campground, West Sacramento

Located in the capitol of California, the SacWest RV park seems to be the perfect place to end a day after hanging around the wonderful destinations of Sacramento. Just like every other parks on the list of RV parks Northern California, this one has free Wi-fi and cables along with other amenities, additionally you can rent one of the cabins or cottages if the RV isn’t good enough of a bed for you.

Best RV parks in Northern California
SacWest RV park and campground, West Sacramento

8. Novato RV park, Novato

About 30 minutes from San Francisco (in normal traffic), this RV site has easy freeway access and you can observe the hiking trails nearby, also a short drive will get you to the Golden Gate bridge. The Wifi is a little congested as it is free, but we have to mention the very clean laundry service and the overall customer service. The visitors are really pleased with the attitude of the employees and manager. This is probably the nicest park you will ever visit.

Best RV parks in Northern California
Novato RV park, Novato

9. Olema RV resort and campground, Olema

This resort is for the ones having trouble finding a quiet place from the noisy life. Some may convince you that the place is muddy and dusty inside out, and is overpriced to some extent, but let’s not get that stop you. There are actually 26 full hookups for RVs which is reasonable, the trees are planted rather far apart so that people can outlook the ocean. There are many activities on the kids-friendly site for your kids to enjoy too. The overall look of the resort is clean and neat, and you will find the hosts really comfortable.

Best RV parks in Northern California
Olema RV resort and campground, Olema

10. The Redwoods RV resort, Crescent city

This site claims to have quality Redwoods Cabin and campsites. The laundry room and restrooms are  really convenient. Besides, the biggest perk for being here is that you get to explore the Northern California coast. The wonderful and breathtaking views of the forest and infinite coastline will just capture your eyes. Other than that, where ever you want to go, the staff members will direct you there. You are sure to have some memorable vacations here.

Best RV parks in Northern California
The Redwoods RV resort, Crescent city


In conclusion, the definition of best RV parks in Northern California that you can find is different from other parts of the United States but if you take a good look at some of the best RV parks here, you will find that the frequent standard of these parks are tall shady trees with a good view, nice service quality and road access convenience, also the price range from high to low as well. They are sure not to disappoint you. So let’s take a deep look in our top 10 best RV parks in Northern California and make your own decision to have a wonderful trip in this place.

Last Updated on June 13, 2018

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