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7 Genius Ways To Add Extra Sleeping Space In Your RV

A camping trip or a long-road journey is one of the most favorite leisure activities for many American families. Even if you like to travel solo, it’s not uncommon for friends and families to tag along sometimes. Unfortunately, lack of extra sleeping space turns out to be the greatest headache during such times. Unless you are driving a large, expensive motorhome, most RVs have a limited space, not suitable for the hanging out of a large group of people.

Well, there is no need to lose hope. There are still some ways to tuck in extra beds even if your camper is not designed with multiple riders in mind.


Some Ingenious Ways to Add Extra Sleeping Space In Your RV

Everyone does not have the budget to purchase a bigger vehicle when they want to occasionally travel with the family or in a group. The truth is you can still make the small RV space functional and useful for multiple members. But, everyone needs to sleep and making room for a few extra beds is a challenging task indeed.

Don’t worry! These tips will help you to figure out how to make room for extra sleeping space in your tiny RV:

#1. Hang Some Hammocks

hammock bed rv
Hammock is the cheapest option.

The cheapest and easiest solution! Who does not love their fair share of summer reading on a hammock! Bring that holiday spirit inside your camper and ask your guests to hop in the hammocks. Also, sleeping in a hammock can really help with the back pain. Your guests will thank you after waking up from a good sleep with a painless back.

Use the seat belt hardware to hang the hammocks. If there is no way to hang a hammock, especially when you are driving a travel trailer, you may think of installing a swinging bed. But, the installation requires expertise.

#2. Bunk Beds

Another no-brainer. Buying a travel trailer with bunk beds is always a great options if you want more sleeping space for your small RV. But if your RV is not manufactured with bunk beds, adding bunks to an RV can solve the problem of extra sleeping space in a moment. Cot beds are great for creating sleeping space for your child but cot bunk beds are even better if you have more than one kids. Several companies manufacture different types of portable bunk beds, which you can even fold down when not in use. There are several models that you can fold into a couch, creating a comfortable seating during the daytime.

adding bunks to an rv
A bunk bed for the kid.

You can use short queen mattresses for these beds because they are comfy and washable. Some of the best RV mattress short queen products are Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress from Zinus, UltraBlock’s UltraPlush Premium RV Short Queen Mattress, AB Lifestyles Short Queen Mattress Pad, and more.

#3. Murphy Beds

These are the recent craze and many companies have been releasing new RV models with built-in murphy beds. These are multi-functional that serves the functions of a bed and a few other furniture pieces. For example, when it is not a bed, you can fold it to a food-serving station or a hanging working desk.

extra sleeping space
These beds are the new craze.

There are a few companies that sell murphy beds, so you don’t have to buy an entire rig to have that facility. You can even make one by yourself in case the budget is really tight. Do a bit of Google search, and you will get plenty of tutorials about how to make a Murphy bed.

#4. Air Mattresses

rv air mattress
It is a space-saving option.

Why not? Aero beds are easy to set up and fold down when not in use. They are super comfortable and can save some serious space when not in use. You just have to release the air when not in use and stash into the closet. Most of them even come with pillows, so there is no need to buy extra. These air mattresses are available for both adults and children.

#5. Cab Beds

Campers with bunk beds are a great idea but if you are looking for something smaller for children or short adults, cab beds are the best choice. There are several furniture companies that make these beds. You can also take the DIY route and make one by yourself given that you have previous experience of crafting furniture and woodwork.

Cab Beds
The cab beds are perfect for the kids.

You will even get double bunk bed options that are likely to solve the problem of extra sleeping space. Place one in the place of the otherwise wasted space of the RV cab and you will get sleeping beds for two kids!

#6. Sleeper Sofa Beds

Another useful way to create extra sleeping space is to replace your current couch with a sleeper sofa bed. These foldable sofas can be spread into a single or double beds. You just have to pull on the seat and lay it flat. You can use them as normal couches during daytime or when you are traveling solo.

rv couches sleepers sofa
Multi-functional furniture is useful in small space.

Some of the models can be lumpy and uncomfortable. In that case, you should spend money for a mattress topper or a roll out foam mattress. A few models come with a hidden air mattress and they are the most comfortable of all the products available despite being heavy and bulky.

#7. Sheet-Lined Sleeping Bags

When you have no other way, you may have to turn the couch or a portion on a floor into a bed. But, putting mattress and sheets to create a makeshift bed every night is annoying and tiresome. The sheet-lined sleeping bags can take care of that trouble and turns the hassle of making a comfy sleeping arrangement into a breeze.

sleeping bag
Sew a sheet into the sleeping bag.

What you have to do is to sew a flat sheet into a sleeping bag and use Velcro straps to keep the sheet attached properly. It will be your makeshift sleeping pod that needs only rolling out at the night and rolling up in the morning. Take out the sheet whenever it’s dirty and sew a new one. By doing so, the sleeping bag will stay clean and you will be saved from the chore of washing that bulky bag.

These simple tricks of creating extra sleeping space will make your RV camping easier. You can now invite your friends whenever you want or go for a long trip with your family in your tiny motorhome without stressing yourself about extra sleeping beds.

Last Updated on September 1, 2022

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