10 Best Travel Trailer Brands 2018 – Top Rated Manufacturers

Have you planned to buy a travel trailer or an RV? Buying such a vehicle is a big decision because it involves lots of money. How to make sure that you are getting a quality product? Plenty of companies are out there that manufacture these vehicles. Obviously, you will want to buy from one of the best travel trailer brands. Find out the companies that produce the best RVs in the market.

Top 10 Best Travel Trailer Brands 2018

We’ve rounded up a list of 10 best travel trailer brands in the market. These companies make some of the most popular RV models and also have good ratings and reviews from the consumers.

1. Airstream

Airstream Trailer

Airstream Trailer

The brand has sold over $2 billion in trailers and motorhomes in the summer of 2017! It is a luxury brand that takes improvements and advancements as the core of its production philosophy. The vehicles the manufacture are strictly functional and offer outstanding value for money. The classic Airstream models from the thirties are still in use today! Seems unbelievable but true. Airstream trailers are widely known as best built travel trailers available on the market.

2. Tiffin

Tiffin Travel Trailer

Tiffin Travel Trailer

It is not a big corporate company and you won’t find any giant investor or slick corporation behind them. It’s a family affair, which makes it different than any business venture. It’s a commitment – a commitment to treating every single product as a part of the family. They take pride in their products and are sincere in providing the best service – a rare combination to find in many big-name brands.

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3. Olivier Travel Trailers

Olivier Travel Trailer.

Olivier Travel Trailer

If you like small campers, Olivier is the brand you should choose. Their travel trailers have four fiberglass shells, which is quite a unique feature. The vehicles are engineered to maintain the ideal temperature no matter whether it’s sunshine or snowstorm outside. They also have sufficient space for storage, entertainment, and daily chores.

4. Grand Design Reflection

Grand Design Reflection

Grand Design Reflection is one of the brands with best built travel trailers!

It’s an independent business that gives their customers the highest priority. Their goal is to produce feature-packed travel trailers so that the buyers get the superior value for their money. The Indiana-based company uses hand-picked local workforce in their factory that is expert in high-quality craftsmanship. Another bonus they offer is a 3-year limited warranty for any structural damage.

5. Lazy Daze

Lazy Daze Travel Trailer

Lazy Daze Travel Trailer

The company does not focus on quantity but on quality. They produce low-profile motorhomes and travel trailers that provide excellent quality and durability. They are not interested in producing cheap products. If you want high-end trailers at competitive prices, look for the Lazy Daze products.

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6. Jayco

Jayco Travel Trailer

Jayco Travel Trailer.

If you want to see a combination of modern innovative technology and the Old World Amish craftsmanship into your travel trailer, buy one from Jayco. Founded in 1968, it’s another company in this list that values the concept of family and treats everyone in the company as the member of a big familial organization. It produces a range of traditional travel trailers, fold-down camping trailers, motorhomes, and fifth-wheel travel trailers.

7. Newmar

Newmar Travel Trailer

Newmar Travel Trailer

It is one of the best travel trailer brands because it’s a company that is created by RV people for RV people. The founders of the company, Marvin Miller and Marvin Newcomer, were themselves RV enthusiasts. They knew what they RVers want their vehicles to have. The result was innovative, well-built, and functional RVs and travel trailers that every RVer appreciates.

8. Pleasure Way

Pleasure Way

A great trailer for drivers – Pleasure Way!

Pleasure Way says the name itself: Building with custom Class B motor homes on Chevrolet and Ford chassis along with carefully tested craftsman’s work. The owners of this trailer have high standard for quality, so we can be sure about the travel vehicle. Pleasure Way motor homes are favored by many drivers and the makers understand that too. For that reason, they sell it online to make sure owners can receive anywhere in North American area. So if you are wondering which vehicle to use for traveling, Pleasure Way is a great choice.

9. Newell Coach

Newell Coach

A luxury trailer is something you cannot look away

Without saying, Newell Coach is loved by many drivers for its overall quality. It is also one of the best travel trailer brands. Not only comfortable, it usually comes with custom design and beautiful built into each coach. Drivers can also find for themselves, not only the refrigerator but also the optional luxury bed. However, it is usually very expensive.

10. Eclipse Recreational Vehicles

Eclipse Travel Trailer

Manufacturing best built travel trailers, Eclipse Travel Trailer deservers on the list!

Established in 2003, the company has gained popularity within a short time. It is one of the largest manufacturers of travel trailers and toy haulers. You will never have to look into another brand because it has more than 50 models of trailers in its inventory.

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Travel Trailer Brands to Avoid

When we are discussing the best travel trailer brands, it’s also necessary to be aware of the RV manufacturer names that we should keep our distance with. However, it’s important to know that there is no single company that has a 100% clean sheet. All brands are generally good but some of them may have a couple of models that have not clicked with the consumers.

Purchasing an RV is a big buying decision in a person’s life. With so many options available, it’s easy to end up picking one of the worst RV brands. Knowing terrible travel trailer brands to avoid will save your money and hassle. Today, there are still many argument and controversy regarding to travel trailer quality. Despite that, according to experienced RV experts, Coachmen, Winnebago, Fleetwood, Thor Hurricane and Gulf Stream are 5 names popularly referred the list of RV brands to avoid (Why? Click here to understand).  So it would be wise to stay away from travel trailer models manufactured by these brands if you’re first-time buyers.

You will find travel trailers and RVs at all price points. So, it makes sense that some units are produced to meet a price point, leading to the use of mediocre materials and average fit and finish. The high-end products generally have more a rugged construction, more features, and fewer structural issues to give you trouble on the road. You can avoid purchasing a low-quality travel trailer if you follow some basic rules before the purchase:

  • Do an online search for the specific model you want to buy. You will get all the information about specs, features, and the general reviews of the other users. It will give you an idea of what you are going to get for the money you spend.
  • Join the forums and read the discussions about the model you intend to buy. There are plenty of RV forums that will give you insights about not only particular units but also the RV-ing in general. You can also ask if you have any question. There are many people, including active RV-ers and experts, who will love to explain things to you.
  • Check into the consumer protection agencies in your state. They have records of the complaints made by the consumers about any dealer or company.

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10 Best Travel Trailer Brands 2018 – Top Rated Manufacturers
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